June 17, 2022


By Veechi Shahi, co-founder of Namaste Retreats India

Maybe you remember times in your life when you felt overwhelmed, extremely sensitive or you suddenly started crying because your emotions got the better of you and you couldn’t help it. And you just couldn’t stop crying. Or you had anger bottled up and then one day you exploded in uncontrollable rage. These experiences are part of the phenomenon known as Emotional Catharsis.

Emotional catharsis is an unconscious emotional reaction in which our suppressed emotions are displayed in all their rawness on someone. It is often associated with situations where we’re feeling vulnerable or triggered.  Because it is such an intense expression of emotion there is great possibility this might spoil the human relationships at home, work and, in general, if it is allowed to release unconsciously on others it will leave one to regret this displaced emotional release.

However, emotions can be released consciously and it concerns a lot of people – some even wonder if catharsis is dangerous. But although it’s often quite “dramatic,” the conscious process of emotional catharsis is never dangerous. Quite the contrary — it is actually very liberating. It takes us beyond just intellectually assessing the adverse situation we’re in. Instead, we learn to not suppress our emotions; we let out all the emotional turmoil we were keeping in.  Ultimately, it helps us understand and express what we’re truly feeling.


Transformational Retreats

At our transformational retreats in India we offer a holistic experience: cleansing of body and mind through detoxification and a juice fast, insights into the Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition, cleansing yogic techniques and to take the experience further, we will gently guide you towards accessing the deeper levels of transformation. Transformation  is life-long process, a journey from head to heart to being; from physical body to emotional body to spiritual well-being. Conscious emotional catharsis, eventually leads to connecting with one’s essence, with melting down, being human, being simple.

We will teach you the art of letting go, releasing feelings, taking off the mask and getting rid of the tensions that you have accumulated in various roles you have been playing in life. Because connecting with your emotions is really at the core of well-being.

You cannot buy Relaxation

In my coaching work in the corporate world I find that excellent and highly-trained managers, especially at middle-management levels and top leadership positions, simply cannot relax because of unavoidable stress situations they experience at work. But you cannot buy relaxation. Conflict situations, stress and negativity are emotions that get bottled up over time. And if these emotions are suppressed, kept underground, if they are not opened up, they cause illnesses and emotional disturbances.

But even the most balanced and healthy people need to relax. All of us have shadows and light – this is natural and there is an art to learn how to deal with your shadows.

As an example, my own day always includes one hour of mindfulness practise: it starts with half an hour of active catharsis which may include dance, vigorous body movement, shaking or making nonsensical sounds, letting go. The next half hour is sitting in silence – witnessing the breath, detachment from thoughts and images, focussing on the breathing. Simply observing the mind wonder and then becoming aware of the breath again.

It is a Calling

Releasing these emotions, taking off layers of conditioning is not easy, however, people know when to listen to their inner voice, when the time has come to work on themselves, to dive deeper and come out lighter with renewed creativity and energy flow. It is a calling that you will hear.

Emotional catharsis is applicable to all types of people, individuals, groups, all genders and really all ages. Yet I firmly believe in “parents first”.  Parents are role models and they are responsible to create a clean mental environment for themselves – and their children will follow. I find that the new generation – also new age professionals  in the business world – is are becoming more and more  responsible of conscious emotional catharsis and the need to look beyond material things.

Group Dynamics

While there are merits in one-on-one sessions – and at our retreats we respect the pace of each individual – group dynamics have amazing effects. The group energy helps each individual to cathart completely and freely.  We support our participants fully and respect their boundaries.

Sabbatical for the Mind

In the olden days people went on pilgrimages to holy sites to find their inner self. Our retreats offer modern day arrangements with the best facilities and amazing results in a relatively short space of time. Having said this, India is the birthplace to yoga, Ayurveda and meditation and being in such a spiritual environment creates a unique energy – unlike anywhere else in the world.

Over seven to eight days we can achieve a lot together to open new pathways towards mindfulness and set you on a new path. Change is not easy, particularly a change which affects your mental, emotional and spiritual levels but by taking it step-by-step, we as facilitators will teach you methods you can apply and practice, so you are able to continue the experience and apply the techniques in your daily life.

There will be an inner shift happening at the retreat but we will not leave you alone afterwards. We follow up at the pace that you wish interaction to happen – some participants need a lot of space and time, others don’t.

Follow your calling to come to the East and dive from your head into your heart, to start reconnecting with your being with your life.

Veechi Shahi is an international renowned Life and Wellness coach, who believes in the wonder of Life.

She is based in Mumbai and is the founder of A New Leaf – a platform for integrated and holistic healing techniques and programmes to lift people into a place of peace and harmony. Veechi has been offering Life and Wellness Coaching, Resilience training, Women Empowerment Workshops and Mindfulness programmes to train Individuals, groups, institutes and corporate clients. Leveraging her rich 17 years of experience, Veechi delivers a unique coaching solution of Management through Mindfulness, in order to create a better work-life balance for her corporate clients. She complements her coaching, with awareness, mindfulness sessions, centering, self-knowing techniques and breathing methods. She uses body-mind relaxation, de-conditioning processes, hypnotherapy, nutrition & movement, to achieve wellness. Her pragmatic approach consists of first establishing an Emotional Quotient in her client, and then driving forward to achieve a Spiritual Quotient

Veechi is certified as an Executive Coach by International Coach Federation, has a specialization in Clinical Hypnotherapy, an M.B.A. from University of Pune. She is a certified Meditation facilitator and Body mind relaxation therapist from Osho’s Pune and deeply influenced by Iyengar Yoga, and Dr.Vijaya Venkat’s Nutrition principles. She enjoys travelling, vegan food and nature.

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