Veechi is what she talks about – love and peace, beauty and joy.

– Divya Ragini

One of the most joyful and beautiful people I’ve ever met

– Sapna Padmanabhan

She is a Wild and Wise woman. Reminds me of goddess Shakti

– Devi Ambu

Veechi’s sessions are a unique experience. It isn’t wisdom from behind the desk or 90 minutes of using strange psychological terminology, it’s a sense of warmth, extraordinary sensitivity, intuition, and piece of experience from working with people of different cultural backgrounds.

– Paulina Jagoda

Veechi’s workshops are so worth it. It’s the time where I got to know myself, looked at my fears and patterns, and consciously began to work with them. It’s always wonderful to work with a compassionate, loving and experienced woman of power.

– Halszka Skotny

Veechi’s workshop was a beautiful meeting with myself and one another in the presence of Women.  Femininity takes on a whole new dimension here. I highly recommend her workshops. They are transformative.

– Danusia Rondzisty-Pietrzak

All of us are driven by different needs in the process of growth. I attended Veechi’s amazing workshop to understand what femininity is. First of all, I felt it. This feeling is precious.

– Marta Lazar

Veechi’s workshops announcements are good for anybody seeking valuable tools to expand their consciousness

– Kris Krysiak

Veechi is a teacher to know. She creates a space where you will strongly experience being in the feminine energy: relaxed, calm, wise, trusting, and intuitive. You won’t forget it.

– Gabriela Tyszuk

Veechi is an experienced mentor and it is felt in the way she supports, leads, and holds a tight safe space for whatever appears within the group field. I recommend her expertise from my personal deep experience of change.

– Malgoska Trzcinska