Wild & Wise Women Intensive Workshop

At Osho Nisarga, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

4 – 11 May, 2024

Arrival: May 4 till 4 pm | Departure: May 11 after 2 pm

Inviting you all to transformative journey which will help you connect with your feminine fire, beauty, grace, love, wildness, and wisdom.

When a woman does not use her innate qualities, her femininity does not flower. This impacts all her relationships (personal and professional), and makes her needy and dissatisfied. Her life becomes stressful and in a state of confusion. She is frustrated, lost and exhausted. While when she draws from her core feminine qualities and is able to love herself as she is, all aspects of her life are transformed: relationships with her partner, women (sister-love), family, friends, and professional life etc.

Today, more than ever, women need to embrace their inner power, wisdom, and intuition; bring to the world everything they are as women – leadership, pragmatism, creativity, spiritual depth and divine longing. A woman who is in touch with her feminine power can encourage and inspire others to follow her inner voice to create more beauty and more love.

During this program:

  • We will feel the feminine power in ourselves,
  • We will learn to embrace all our perfections & imperfections,
  • We will heal our wounded past and accept ourselves back – complete and true,
  • We will learn to fully express our unique feminine nature,
  • We will rebuild our connection between our body, mind, heart, & soul,
  • We will strengthen contact with our own intuition,
  • We will reach our inner self-confidence,
  • We will learn how to deal with jealousy and rivalry in relationships with other women,
  • We will experience support and sister-love in a circle of women,
  • We will learn how to build relationships with men so as to remain internally independent,
  • We will learn how to balance between personal and professional life with ease, effortlessness, and naturalness,
  • We will learn how-to live-in acceptance, abundance, love, & peace, and
  • We will experience oneness with Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine Principle.

This group is based on Women De-conditioning process. In this safe Osho environment, we will use a variety of tools and techniques for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual deconditioning and empowerment, including Primal Therapy, Family Constellations, Gestalt Therapy, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditations, Osho’s Active Meditations, Yoga, Vegan Diet, Relaxation Techniques, Women Leadership Coaching and Women Rituals.