July 7, 2016


What is wellness?

Wellness is a feeling. When you feel healthy and whole, when your body is functioning at its optimal, when you get enough sleep and feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. When your mental faculties are clear and alert. When you feel strong and when you take enough time out for yourself to rest, recuperate and integrate. It is not enough these days to just eat healthily. We must also get the proper exercise, we must make time to meditate and contemplate, we must spend time in nature and moving our bodies in ways that are meaningful to us. To some, wellness might be pampering ourselves a little, taking ourselves off for a spa day or reading a novel or rubbing our entire body with scented oils. Wellness could be another word for balance where we balance our lives with love, play, health, work, money, exercise, rest, dreamtime and spirituality. And we must travel! Wellness means different things to different people. See what Mind Body Green says about what wellness is.


Travelling allows us to take distance from our day to day lives. Even if our lives are magical, travel allows us to see life from a new and fresh perspective. It changes us, helps us to integrate aspects of ourselves which we are not aware of and even if we are aware of them, we might be neglecting these aspects at home. Adventurous parts of ourselves, creative parts, poetic and fanciful parts of ourselves. Travel (especially to a country like India) awakens our spiritual aspirations where oftentimes the environment pushes us to see anew, to tune into our own deepest being and transform our lives. The very desire to travel is a desire to experience more than our ordinary mundane reality. It is a desire to feel more. It awakens our inner being and gives us permission to be authentic.

Wellness Travel

Wellness Travel is all the rage these days and for good reason. The world is becoming smaller and smaller especially for seasoned travellers. Even if you’re not used to travelling, we are living in the information age which means that we’ve investigated every part of our trip even before we take the trip. Oftentimes we are looking for a rest from our holiday abroad and with trains, planes, automobiles and itineraries, we need a vacation after our vacation. Wellness travel allows us to, in a very short space of time – often a week – explore a new place all the while giving our bodies, minds and souls a much needed rest and a chance to reset. We can attend a transformational retreat, a yoga retreat, a detox retreat, a spa retreat. Whatever type of wellness you are looking for. If you are looking for a total transformation, where you get to experience the place, detox your body, transform your life into the life you have always wanted, then consider joining our next retreat.

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